We’re Trying…

Well we are finally at the stage where we can actually start trying to conceive! It’s about a year since I went off the pill, 8 months since I started taking prenatal vitamins, and 3 months since I had my mumps vaccination. The mumps vaccination is what really slowed us down but now that 3 months have passed since I got jabbed there is nothing stopping us. It is exciting but also very scary, and there are all sorts of tricky things to deal with that I hadn’t given much thought to.

The trickiest thing for me so far is not drinking. It’s not that I crave alcohol (I promise!). The problem is that I am known as someone who enjoys a drink and now that I have stopped drinking I am finding it awkward to have to explain why I don’t have a beer or glass of  champagne in my hand on social occasions. Since I am not actually pregnant yet and just in the trying stage I know that I could still drink, but there a few reasons why I have chosen not to. The first and most simChampagne and Cheeseple is that if I am trying to get pregnant I will likely be pregnant for a while before I find out – in which case I may have been drinking while pregnant. I realise that a couple of drinks at such an early stage are not going to hurt my baby but I still find it makes more sense for me to draw the line earlier than that – back before there is a possibility I could be pregnant. The second reason is that if I keep drinking until I know I am pregnant and then suddenly stop drinking everyone will know that I am pregnant straight away. As you can probably gather by the fact that I am writing this blog I am not the secretive type, but even so… I do not want to be in the position where everyone knows I am pregnant straight away. My worst nightmare is then having to tell everyone of the 600 or so people at work that I have miscarried if something goes wrong.

I do not, however,want to give the impression that I am one of those superhuman women who, whether pregnant or not, wears only clothes made from organic bamboo fibres,  does pelvic floor exercises from noon to night, and never eats chocolate (!!) because I most definitely am not one of those women. In fact, I must confess that what was supposed to be my very first alcohol free social occasion turned out to be a disaster as far as abstinence went! After having had a weekend where I said farewell to many of the things pregnancy would not allow me to enjoy: soft cheeses, champagne, and straight perms; I resolved to drink no more and to be careful about what I ate. Monday went well, as did Tuesday, but on Wednesday night all my good intentions went out the window at a work dinner. It was a small work dinner organised to celebrate the end of a particularly tough project at work and the organisers had invited us out to a beautiful little French restaurant in Hiroo. My resolve started to waver as soon as I walked in the door and saw the tables set with champagne glasses and multiple wine glasses at each setting. By the time the waitress had filled my glass with champagne any intention I had of not drinking was long gone. In the end I am glad I drank that night. It turned out to be quite a finale – and I was happy with my decision even before they opened a bottle of exquisite 1978 red wine (seriously though – when am I going to get the chance to drink 1978 wine again?!).

Still, I did worry that my failure to withstand temptation would be repeated at the next event, and fretted that my resolve would fail me again when it mattered, when we had actually started trying and there was a chance I could be pregnant. So, on Friday night I headed out to a summer party at the Australian Embassy with a group of mates, determined to be strong – and it was fine! I had a sprite, and then a coke, and then a bottle of tea, and I was done. It was a very cheap night but apart from that it was much the same as it would have been with alcohol. I still had fun, I still talked too much, I still nearly didn’t make the last train…! Since then I’ve been strong in the face of sushi, soft-boiled egg, and cold meats. I even made a recipe out of my Yummy Mummy cookbook on the weekend – and thoroughly enjoyed it!


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