November Update – We’re pregnant!

Obviously this post should have been posted a long time ago (back in November even!) but as life got in the way it got pushed back. I have decided to post it now anyway because it captures how I felt at the time.

Woohoo!  After all my worrying and preparing it wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected and before long I started to have suspicions that Ruby/Liam was on her/his way! Of  course it may all have been psychological but I imagined that my sense of smell was working overtime (that cat litter – phew!!), I felt a bit queasy from time to time, things I love (like chocolate and mocha frappucinos) suddenly didn’t taste too good, etc. But we had friends staying and I knew that if I was pregnant we needed to deal with finding that out when it was just the two of us. While our friends were here I counted the increasing number of days I was late and wondered if it could be true – whether it really could have happened that quickly!

So, a day after our friends left, which also happened to be our second wedding anniversary and the day after our eleven-year first date anniversary, I got up early and took the test – and it came up positive! When I told Yuji his first reaction was to rub the sleep out of his eyes, look at me like a dope and say, “Already?” I am tempted to tease him but that was basically my reaction too. I expected this to take a lot longer. After all Yuji is almost 40 (!!) and neither of us are health freaks or gym nuts. We tried to digest the news as we got ready for work and in the end we decided to ditch the train and drive – so that we could deal with the whole thing privately for a bit longer I guess. On the way we talked about how, even though this was what we wanted, we hadn’t expected it to happen quite this fast. Then Yuji freaked me out by saying, “Wow – you know it’s lucky we were so careful all these years, otherwise we could have had a 10 year old kid by now!” Scary stuff!


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