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Friday’s Challenge

After Tokyo Fit Mums on Friday morning Ruby and I headed to Starbucks for a feed and some midtown people watching. While we were there Ruby set herself a challenge – and it didn’t take her too long to achieve her goal! It was so much fun to watch… I wish her daddy could have been there to see it.


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A Fresh Start

Determined to finally get Kokusai Baby going properly and to get into a rhythm of regular posting I have set aside a couple of hours to make a fresh start! First of all I changed my theme, which I guess is the blogging equivalent of changing your hairstyle. Next, I changed my gravatar so that it is now a photo of Ruby and I.  Now to get down to the nitty-gritty of posting… It is so easy to faff around with the little stuff that posting new articles gets pushed to the back of the line – but not today! My goal is to upload this post before Ruby wakes up. I just hope she doesn’t wake up early or I will be in trouble.

I’ll start with a quick summary of where we’re at.

Ruby was born at 11:01am on May 12, two and half weeks early and weighing in at 2930 grams. Since then life has been busy, busy, busy! People always try to warn you how it will be but I know I didn’t really believe them. I secretly imagined that my days would be filled with leisurely walks in the park, cuddles on the sofa, and storytime before bed. Well, at least we do have storytime! I couldn’t have possibly imagined that there would be quite this much washing, or pureeing, or just general juggling! I started back at work after the minimum amount of maternity leave, which has added to the stress – but I am working flexible and reduced hours from home and it helps to pay the bills and to remind me that I have other skills. Ruby is now 5 months old and has started solids, which I have found to be quite hard work so far!

Still, it has been a wonderful adventure. Some of the highlights have included visits from family, meeting other mums, gummy grins, photos, shopping, and – of course – the cuddles! Lowlights have been too many frozen dinners, some very groggy days, being stuck in traffic with a crying baby, washing, washing, and more washing!

I have a few reasons for wanting to do this blog properly. I would like a way of reflecting on my days and keeping a record – otherwise they can seem to blend into each other and when bedtime rolls around you sometimes feel that all you have to show for your efforts are a not very clean house, bags under your eyes, and a (hopefully!) sleeping baby. Another major motivator for me is to create the kind of resource I was looking for when I was pregnant. I wanted something that would give me lots of tips on how exactly I should go about doing this baby thing in Japan! What to buy and where, how to stay sane, where to go when the need to get out of the house is overwhelming, who to call on for help, and how to enjoy the whole adventure as much as possible!

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